Just 17 Aesthetic AF GIFs From SEVENTEEN’s New Japanese Single “Fallin’ Flower”

Their visuals are gorgeous

SEVENTEEN just came out with their latest Japanese single, “Fallin’ Flower”. As always, the aesthetics of the video are absolutely stunning, with the members surrounded by and mimicking the theme of the song – flowers – all while showing their incredible dance skills and soft, delicate interactions. Here are 17 GIFs from the music video that will leave you breathless.

1. The stunning intro choreography

2. Jeonghan looking delicate and beautiful

3. Hoshi and The8’s intimate dance

4. Wonwoo looking visual AF

5. Woozi looking like literal art

6. Joshua being ethereal as always

7. More flower boy Joshua

8. This gorgeous transition to Vernon

9. Jun looking angelic in all white

10. Mingyu centering this aesthetic dance cut

11. Seungkwan surrounded by “flowers”

12. The8 blowing us away with his emotional dance

13. Dino looking super mature for a maknae

14. More stunning dancing from Hoshi and The8

15. Wonwoo and Jun looking peacefully at each other

16. DK showing us all of his gorgeous angles

17. A stunning conclusion to a stunning MV