Just 20 More K-Pop Memes To Make Your Quarantined Day A Little Better

Hopefully these will at least make you chuckle!

In a follow up to a previous list of hilarious K-Pop memes, here’s another bunch of memes that will hopefully help you get a little entertainment and joy during these difficult times! Some are pretty fandom specific, but there are plenty that all K-Pop fans should be able to enjoy and relate to. So sit back and giggle over these 20 hilarious creations.

1. Gotta start with a Jin dad joke

2. Oh noooo

3. Where’s the lie though??

4. Hahahahahaa

5. The most terrifying feeling

6. This is relatable

7. NCTzens, where you at?

8. What a big mood

9. We’ve all been there…

10. We’ve all been here, too

11. Hmmmmmm

12. Every K-Pop stan be like

13. This is so accurate

14. This is exactly how it happens

15. This is uncanny

16. Ooohhhh

17. Yep… This is how it feels

18. Totally forgot that Hyungwon was in Twilight!

19. It’s okay, they’ll learn to love it

20. It do be like that…