Just 20 Relatable Tweets Reacting to AGUST D’s New Comeback “Daechwita”

Everyone is freaking out about it.

AGUST D just made his long-awaited return with “Daechwita”, and ARMYs are, understandably, going crazy about it. Between the stunning visuals, fire rapping, and interesting story line, fans have all kinds of things to say about this iconic comeback. Here are 20 tweets talking about the rap king’s return!

1. Everyone watching the music video was like

2. Where’s the difference?

3. For English-speaking fans!

4. This hilarious realization

5. This adorable behind-the-scenes look thanks to J-Hope

6. He really slayed a lot of people with his rapping…

7. The struggle for international fans

8. These savage lyrics have people shook

9. AGUST D already breaking records!

10. This stunning fan art!

11. How did fans get this incredible work out so quickly??

12. Seriously, show fans some mercy…

13. Suga is king of duality

14. Only AGUST D could make what seems to be a cult and have people be completely okay with it


15. What a mood

16. There’s no argument

17. Oh

18. They’re the same image

19. This throwback!

20. And finally, this big mood