Just 20 Times BTS RM’s Dimples Made Our Hearts Melt

Only good vibes here with RM.

BTS is full of adorable members, and RM is definitely one of the cutest. With his deep dimples on both sides of his cheeks, he’s a fan favorite.

Check out some of his cutest dimpled moments below!

1. Preparing for a performance

2. Showcasing his dimples

3. Doing a finger heart

4. Looking down shyly

5. Giving us a hand heart

6. Holding up a paper heart

7. Making a “V” with his fingers

8. …and doing the pose again

9. Being cute on international TV

10. Being cute in general

11. Looking confused for some reason

12. Wearing eyeglasses and owning the look

13. Laughing cutely with his dimples showing

14. Being the most adorable in “Just One Day”

15. Killing it with purple hair

16. Drawing our eyes to him in “IDOL”

17. Taking on a masculine look (but his dimples still show)

18. Poking his cheeks

19. …and poking his dimples again

20. And finally, just being the dimple king he is