Just 26 Unique And Interesting K-Pop Boy Group Fan Tattoos

These fans are extremely dedicated to their favorite artists!

A list was created of several unique K-Pop girl group fan tattoos, and now it’s time to check out some amazing boy group fan tattoos! These designs were all inspired by a fan’s favorite group or artist, and the results are amazing. It’s neat to see someone so dedicated to their favorite group to get a tattoo permanently drawn onto their body! Here are 20+ different K-Pop boy group-inspired tattoos.

1. This “Moonchild” tattoo inspired by BTS’s RM

2. This tattoo inspired by the BTS song “134340”

3. And another BTS song-inspired design, for “Magic Shop”

4. This elegant and simple ink for Jimin’s “Serendipity”

5. This tiny and charming design from BTS’s “HYYH” era

6. Another “HYYH” era tattoo, but much more colorful!

7. This cute little scene of Jungkook

8. A reminder for all of us that BTS is constantly spreading awareness of

9. Yet another gorgeous BTS inspired ink…

10. And some adorable BT21 designs!

11. Can a tattoo get any cuter than this?

12. And one last BTS-inspired tattoo…

13. This bright EXO logo-inspired tattoo is so tropical!

14. Who would know this was inspired by the “Love Shot” mv?

15. Another EXO logo-inspired design…

16. And this adorable space-y EXO ink

17. The colors of SEVENTEEN are clear in this “Healing”-inspired tat

18. Who would wanna cry over this neat SEVENTEEN design?

19. A classic SEVENTEEN logo tat!

20. This unique watercolor-like MONSTA X design is super interesting

21. Simple but effective MONSTA X design!

22. BIGBANG are still known as kings for a reason

23. This tattoo was inspired by BIGBANG’s “MADE” era

24. This pirate-y tattoo is actually inked on a huge ATEEZ fan…

25. And so is this “ATINY” tattoo!

26. And lastly, this unique and emotional Stray Kids-themed design