Just 30+ Pictures Of SEVENTEEN Members Looking Like The Ultimate Soft Boyfriend Material In Pastels

They all pull off the pastel look flawlessly.

Recently the topic of SEVENTEEN members rocking edgy, dark, and mature looks was discussed. While they certainly pulled off such concepts gorgeously, they are still known more for their soft, flower boy aesthetic, and these photos are all about that! They’ve worn numerous shades of pastels over their 5-year-long career, and looked like such aesthetic boyfriend material while doing it. Here are 40+ pictures to prove as much!

1. S.Coups

2. Jeonghan

3. Joshua

4. Jun

5. Hoshi

6. Wonwoo

7. Woozi

8. DK

9. Mingyu

10. The8

11. Seungkwan

12. Vernon

13. Dino