Just 15+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jimin Being A Slytherin

Jimin is a true Slytherin at heart, and it shows.

When asked to sort BTS into Harry Potter Hogwarts’ housesRM and ARMY both sorted Jimin into Slytherin House. Slytherins are ambitious, clever, cunning, and driven by the desire to succeed. They can also be extremely sneaky and mischievous. Here are 15+ gifs of Jimin living up to his Slytherin reputation!

1. When he cheated in a game against his “name twin”, Jimmy Fallon

After time ran out, Jimin added more Post-Its to Jungkook as Jimmy Fallon counted Jin‘s.

Hufflepuff J-Hope attempted to intervene…

…but Jimin wouldn’t be stopped!

In the end, Team Jungkook won, so the moral of this story is…cheating pays off? 10 points to Slytherin!

2. When he changed his “scissors” to “rock”

3. When he poured salt into Suga’s coke…then watched him drink it

4. When he pushed V on stage then pretended to “save” him

5. When he freaked out his jumpy hyungs by pretending to see something frightening

It was probably just a boggart. No big deal.

6. And the award for “Best MC” goes to Jin…

…can you please bring Suga over here?

7. When he sneak attacked Jin with a water bottle

8. He also poured water on Suga, but this fellow Slytherin was unbothered.

9. “Thank you for that unnecessary information.”

10. When he tried to knock over V’s water bottle tower

11. When he ratted Jin out for slacking at the gym

12. When he sabotaged a foosball game

13. This Slytherin smile

14. When he fooled everyone into thinking he’d lost a game

15. That time he tricked Yeontan into doing tricks for free

16. When he wore a muthafudging snake on his head.

It doesn’t get more Slytherin than this!