JYP Entertainment Girl Groups Wear Mini Dresses Differently—Here’s How

TWICE is the elegant type.

There’s no doubt that JYP Entertainment idols are all gorgeous. No matter what they wear, their signature colors shine through. Even something as simple as a mini dress is worn differently depending on the group.

Check them out below!

1. Wonder Girls

First up, seniors Wonder Girls are funky and quirky in their mini dresses. Their bright colors and many patterns match their fun personalities and often upbeat discography.

| @WonderGirls/Twitter

They’re iconic in the industry for a reason, and their fashion has always made them stand out in the best ways.


TWICE, meanwhile, is more girly and youthful in short dresses. They give off an air of innocence and gentleness that’s hard not to love.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

The members are always as elegant as can be in every award show that they attend!

It’s hard not to love them and their personal styles.


Next up, ITZY is the edgy junior of JYP Entertainment. They’re a mix of Wonder Girls’ experimentation and TWICE’s modern fashion sense.

The result? Trendiness to the max!

| JYP Entertainment

4. NiziU

Last but certainly not least, NiziU is the newest girl group addition to the company. Their style is as sweet as their girl next door concept.

| @NiziU__official/Twitter

Their dresses are bright, glittery, and fairytale-like, making it seem like they all jumped straight out of an anime!

| @NiziU__official/Twitter
| @NiziU__official/Twitter

They give serious award shows and programs a breath of fresh air.

| @NiziU__official/Twitter

When it comes to outfits, JYP Entertainment girl groups are all unique!

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