JYP Entertainment Girl Groups Wear Black Tops Differently—Here’s How

They’re all gorgeous.

When it comes to concepts, JYP Entertainment girl groups are known for different things. Their fashion styles are also unique depending on the occasion and group.

Even the most basic black top is accessorized and paired differently. Check them out below!

1. Wonder Girls

First up, Wonder Girls has a mature aura that’s unsurprising thanks to them being one of the oldest artists in the company.

| @hatfelt/Instagram

They’re edgy and confident at all times! No matter what event they attend, they’re always dressed to impress.

| @official_sunmi/Instagram


TWICE, meanwhile, is fresh and elegant in their black tops. They always wear the latest styles and they look like models wherever they go.

It’s hard to look away from their charming visuals in black!

With their light makeup and bright-eyed appearance, they’re likeable in everything they wear.


Last but certainly not the least, the members of ITZY are the definitions of “girl crush”. They use black tops that are cut different from the norm and they wear flashy accessories alongside them.

Even when they’re just visiting the airport, they stand out from the crowd with their incredible fashion sense.

ITZY may be younger than Wonder Girls and TWICE, but their charisma is no joke!

If you want to see more style icons, check out how SM Entertainment girl groups differ from each other below.

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