Meet The Final 5 Members Of JYP Entertainment’s New Boy Group To Debut From “LOUD”

Congratulations to the members of JYP’s next boy group!

After multiple months of competition between JYP and PSY to choose trainees on the survival show LOUD, the final team for JYP Entertainment‘s new boy group has been chosen.

Here are the final 5 members JYP selected to join his new boy group:

5. Yoon Min

Yoon Min, who brought in a total of 32,719 votes, is a talented 20-year-old with a bright future ahead of him. When listing his hobbies on his official profile he included both composing and writing lyrics on top of his all-rounder skills of singing, dancing, and rapping.


This level of experience probably comes from his history as a Cube Entertainment trainee. All members of LOUD had to list their MBTIs and Yoon Min is an INTP, making him the only “I” in his group.

4. Amaru

Amaru, with an astonishing 36,299 votes, is an incredible 15-year-old rapper with a great singing voice to boot.


His other hobbies include soccer, running, and the ever-impressive spinning plates. If you think you recognize him it may be because he made an appearance on Treasure Box (the show that formed Treasure) as he was a Japanese YG Entertainment trainee at the time. His MBTI is ENFP which he shares with another member of the group.

3. Keiju

At only 14 years old, Keiju (with 40,014 votes) displays maturity in his dance far beyond his age. He wanted to display this impressive maturity so much that he chose Kai‘s “Mmmh” as one of his solo performances.


When not dancing, Keiju can be found cooking. His MBTI is ESFP which he happens to share with another member of the group.

2. Lee Gye Hun

Gye Hun, who got 43,360 votes, is 17 years old and boasts 5 years of training as a JYP trainee prior to the start of the show. This training along with artists like Stray Kids and ITZY showed in his skill for dance and rap.


On top of that, Gye Hun writes his own raps! His hobbies are impressive, listing taekwondo, 50m run, swimming, and even cup stacking amongst his skills. As previously mentioned, he shares his MBTI with fellow group member Amaru as they are both ENFPs.

1. Lee Dong Hyeon

And at 44,726 votes, the 14-year-old Dong Hyeon will also debut! Before the show began, he was primarily an ice hockey player and was even a member of an ice hockey club.


This “Idol on Ice” proved his potential during his audition, gaining JYP’s vote within a couple of seconds of his performance of Justin Bieber‘s “Love Yourself”. Outside of his love of hockey, Dong Hyeon also enjoys writing poetry. Like his new member Keiju, Dong Hyeon’s MBTI is also ESFP.

We can’t wait to see what these talented boys will do in the future!

To see their full final performance with future labelmates, Stray Kids, check out the video below:

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