15 Popular BL K-Drama Actors To Follow On Instagram

The genre is becoming more popular!

The popularity of BL K-Dramas — or “Boys Love” K-Dramas, which feature male leads in a romantic plot — has grown in recent years, and with it has come a wave of new series in the genre. These heart-fluttering shows feature an assortment of handsome actors that know how to tug on viewers’ heartstrings with their stellar acting skills! There are a number of such actors that have made a name for themselves by appearing in BL K-Dramas, and all of them are worth following on social media. Here are 15 popular BL K-Drama actors and their Instagram accounts.

1. Jaechan (DKZ)


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A post shared by 박재찬 (@jaechan_dkz)

Instagram account: @jaechan_dkz (690k followers)

Jaechan helped boost the popularity of his K-Pop group, DKZ, with his appearance on the much-loved series Semantic Error, where he plays the lead role of engineering student Chu Sang-woo.

2. Lee Sae On


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A post shared by 이세온 (@leesaeon)

Instagram account: @leesaeon (413k followers)

Lee Sae On got his first lead role in the BL K-Drama Light On Me in 2021, where he played the part of high school student Woo Tae-kyung.

3. Kang In Soo

Instagram account: @insoo_casper (231k followers)

Kang In Soo has so far appeared in two different BL K-Dramas: Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding, in which he played the role of Nobleman Ryu himself, and Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart, where he had the role of a singer by his own real-life name.

4. Jang Eui Soo


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Instagram account: @jesoo122 (296k followers)

Jang Eui Soo has appeared in the most BL K-Dramas of anyone on this list, with four total under his belt so far: Where Your Eyes LingerNobleman Ryu’s WeddingMy Sweet Dear, and Mr. Heart. He played a main role in all but Mr. Heart, in which he guest-starred.

5. Park Seo Ham

Instagram account: @parkseoham (936k followers)

Park Seo Ham is a former member of K-Pop group KNK and now-actor who starred alongside DKZ’s Jaechan in the series Semantic Error. In it, he plays the role of senior design student Jang Jae-young, and his handsome visuals drew much attention from viewers of the show.

6. Kang You Seok


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Instagram account: @youseok_ (266k followers)

Like Lee Sae On, Kang You Seok starred as one of the main roles in the K-Drama Light on Me. He played the part of Noh Shin-woo, the cool and level-headed vice president of the school’s council.

7. Han Gi Chan

Instagram account: @han_gi_chan (286k followers)

Han Gi Chan starred alongside Jang Eui Soo in the BL K-Drama Where Your Eyes Linger, playing the lead role of Han Tae-joo. He also had a lead role in the series Ocean Likes Me along with openly gay Korean artist Holland.

8. Kim Ji Woong

Instagram account: @official_kimjiwoong (480k followers)

Kim Ji Woong has appeared in two BL K-Dramas so far: Kissable Lips, where he played the main role of vampire Kim Jun-ho, and Roommates of Poongduck 304, where he also had a main role as chaebol Ji Ho-joon.

9. Son Woo Hyeon


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A post shared by 손우현 (@sonwoohyeon7)

Instagram account: @sonwoohyeon7 (255k followers)

Son Woo Hyeon appeared not only as the main role of Kang Seo-joon in the 2021 BL K-Drama To My Star, but appeared once again as the same character in its 2022 sequel, To My Star: Our Untold Stories.

10. Kang Hui


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Instagram account: @kanghui_ (371k followers)

Actor and model Kang Hui is new to the BL K-Drama scene, taking the lead role of high school student Jo Tae-sung in the 2022 series Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

11. Cheon Seung Ho

Instagram account: @xxurricane (85.2k followers)

Cheon Seung Ho is a member of the K-Pop group The Man BLK, and made his debut as an actor in 2020. His first role as a main character came in the BL K-Drama Mr. Heart, where he plays the part of marathon runner Jin-won.

12. Kim Kang Min

Instagram account: @______kangman (307k followers)

As with Son Woo Hyeon, Kim Kang Min also appeared as a lead role in both To My Star and its sequel, To My Star: Our Untold Stories. He took the part of young chef Han Ji-woo as the romantic interest for Woo Hyeon’s character.

13. Han Se Jin


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Instagram account: @ahoi_ing (467k followers)

While Han Se Jin has been appearing in K-Dramas since 2011, he played his first role in a BL series in 2020 as the lead part of track team athlete Go Sang-ha in Mr. Heart. The following year, he also appeared in a main role in Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding as Choi Ki-wan.

14. Ok Jin Wook


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A post shared by 옥진욱 (@jinuk_ok)

Instagram account: @jinuk_ok (210k followers)

Ok Jin Wook is well-known for his skills as a trot singer, but he recently landed the main role in the 2022 BL K-Drama Cherry Blossoms After Winter, in which he played the character of orphan Seo Hae-bom.

15. Yoon Seo Bin

Instagram account: @seobin.1214 (423k followers)

Yoon Seo Bin has appeared alongside fellow BL actor Kim Ji Woong in both Kissable Lips and Roommates of Poongduck 304! He played the main role in each, as the character “pure-blooded” human Choi Min-hyun in the former and businessman Seo Jae-yoon in the latter.