K-Drama Lover? Then Keep Your Eyes On These 98-Liner Actors On The Rise

We love them all already, don’t you?

There is nothing more exciting for an avid K-Drama watcher than an unfamiliar-but-gorgeous face blessing the screen. And as K-Pop and K-Drama continue to gain global popularity, new talent gets discovered each day to keep the fans intrigued! Speaking of new talent, these three rookie actors, all born 1998, have recently become eye-catching among K-Drama lovers. Keep a close watch on these handsome young stars, because they’re about to become the next most popular male leads in the spotlight!

1. Lee Sin Young

Actor Lee Sin Young, currently playing the role of a North Korean soldier in the popular series Crash Landing On You, has received a lot of attention — initially for his visual that reminds everyone of actor Kim Soo Hyun, but eventually for his solid acting skills. And thanks to all the love, he successfully landed a lead role in an upcoming KBS series Friendship Contract co-starring former I.O.I member Kim So Hye. K-Drama lovers look forward to getting more of Lee Sin Young out of the military uniform!

2. Bae In Hyuk

Actor Bae In Hyuk, currently playing the role of Danny the Bartender in a trending series XX featuring EXID‘s Hani as his costar, has been putting together his career with web dramas first. And as web dramas becoming as relevant as TV dramas, his filmography-in-the-making only builds more hope for his future works. With K-Pop fans rapidly falling in love with his chemistry with Hani in XX, he is bound to become the next sweet-and-sexy rom-com star for sure!

3. Lee Jae Wook

Actor Lee Jae Wook, whose most recent series Extraordinary You won him a Rookie Actor of the Year award at MBC, is actually relatively familiar to K-Drama lovers by now. Though his roles have differed drastically in personalities and visuals, Lee Jae Wook successfully portrayed each with his own charms. In fact, his past hit series, including Memories of the Alhambra and Search: WWW, helped him land another highly anticipated I’ll Find You On A Beautiful Day coming soon in 2020.

Source: THEQOO