K-Drama Producers Pick These 5 Actors To Have The Highest Casting Priority In 2020

Anything featuring any one of these stars would be a definite yes!

Having a cast line up of big name actors and actresses can be extremely important for K-Dramas, as these stars could actually move a large number of fans to watch the show. Therefore, K-Drama producers and casting directors keep their eyes glued on the hottest stars of the time — working closely with agencies to pick the right faces for the right roles. As of 2020, here are the top 5 actors who have the highest casting priority among producers and directors who have upcoming K-Dramas!

5. Park Bo Gum

Actor Park Bo Gum actually has a new K-Drama scheduled to premiere in 2020, on tvN channel. It only makes sense that the casting directors want his name in the line up — all of his works since 2015 have been memorable hits. He’s definitely a guarantee for boosting those viewer ratings!

4. Nam Koong Min

Actor Nam Koong Min also has a new K-Drama scheduled to premiere in 2020, on tvN channel. Thanks to his most persuasive portrayal of the character Baek Seung Soo in his most recent work Stove League, the show reached over 20% viewer ratings by its final episode — proving that he has the power to drive a series to its success.

3. Hyun Bin

Considering that actor Hyun Bin‘s most recent K-Drama Crash Landing On You received international love and rewrote tvN’s history, it is obvious why directors are bent on casting him for their upcoming works. As of what has been decided for 2020, Hyun Bin has a K-Movie scheduled to premiere — which fans can’t wait to see.

2. Park Seo Joon

Actor Park Seo Joon, with his current hit K-Drama Itaewon Class creating a viral sensation with each episode, is rightfully the second “most wanted” on K-Drama producers’ “To Cast” list. Later in 2020, once the show ends, Park Seo Joon has a K-Movie to be released too. It seems he is keeping himself busy, thanks to the casting directors chasing after him!

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Finally, the hottest actor on all K-Drama casting directors’ “Most Wanted” list is actor Kim Soo Hyun — who recently was discharged from his military service. Considering how even the most brief moments of his cameos can shoot up the viewer ratings, K-Drama producers are simply unable to resist Kim Soo Hyun’s charms. He is set to return to the screen soon, in a brand new K-Drama scheduled to premiere within the second quarter of 2020.

Source: THEQOO