Top 5 K-Drama Actors Who Always Break Our Hearts With Their Pretty-Crying

(Sings) Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too-

K-Drama would not be K-Drama without the drama. In every series, there is bound to be that one good, emotional-AF scene where the male lead’s heart shatters on the floor and he cries-and-cries-and-cries. And while the excellent acting would be more than enough to make the scene worthwhile… there is something extra in the tears shed by these 5 actors! These visual gods have been picked by avid K-Drama watchers to have the most pleasant-to-watch kind of pretty-crying faces.


1. Kang Ha Neul

Actor Kang Ha Neul as Hwang Yong Shik in When The Camellia Blooms had viewers bawling their eyes out — especially when he couldn’t be with the love of his life, Dongbaek, played by actress Gong Hyo Jin. Kang Ha Neul never tries to pretty-cry; In fact, he doesn’t hold back when he cries on camera. But he is simply too good-looking that even his ugliest-cries are beautiful.


2. Park Bo Gum

Actor Park Bo Gum is known to be a crybaby in real life too. Hence it isn’t too difficult to find pictures of him constantly shedding tears from those big, puppy eyes of his. K-Drama lovers will never forget when he stopped time and space with tears filling up his eyes, as Kim Jin Hyuk saying goodbye to Cha Soo Hyun played by actress Song Hye Kyo, in an episode of Encounter.


3. Lee Dong Wook

Actor Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God broke thousands of viewer hearts when he and his ill-fated love, Sunny, played by actress Yoo In Na. The scene, in which he recalls Sunny from the past and starts crying, still remains one of the most emotional moments of K-Drama history!


4. Yoo Seung Ho

Actor Yoo Seung Ho often takes on roles that come with that irresistible dark side. It might be thanks to his deep-set eyes that make him look like he has been through so much. And as a veteran actor with two decades of experience under his belt, he knows all too well how to use his melancholic visual to trigger the viewers’ tears.


5. Seo Kang Joon

Speaking of deep-set eyes, actor Seo Kang Joon‘s eyes have endearingly been dubbed Korea’s most mellow-looking eyes. Something about his light brown-colored eyes gives him a really strong lost-puppy-vibe and makes him look eternally sad. So, consequently, when he cries with these eternally-mellow-puppy eyes, no viewer can survive the heartbreak.

Source: Insight