K-Drama VS Reality: 6 Actors Who Were Hated Because Of Their Characters

Some even received violent threats.

Many K-Drama actors are known for their impressive acting ability and being able to embody the character they are playing completely. However, sometimes the line between fiction and reality is blurred, leading to K-Drama villains being treated like villains in real life.

Here are six times K-Drama actors were hated because of their characters.

1. Han So Hee — The World Of The Married

Han So Hee played Yeo Da Kyung in The World Of The Married, the  “shameless mistress” of the male lead.

So Hee did a phenomenal job in the role, which led to some fans being unable to separate the actress from her character. Fans left many negative comments on her Instagram, so many that other fans began to apologize to the actress.


2. Oh Man Seok  — Crash Landing On You

The star played Jo Cheol Kang, Lieutenant Commander of the North Korean Armed Forces. Because of his evil and two-faced role, the actor received comments online like “If I met the actor in real life, I’d hit him in the face.” Some even claimed they “became allergic” to him.

| tvN

3. WJSN’s Bona — Twenty Five, Twenty One

WJSN‘s Bona played Ko Yu Rim in this drama, a fencer that the main character idolizes. The character is so hateful to the drama’s heroine in such a terrible manner netizens referred to her as one of the most annoying roles ever.

| tvN

Bona did so amazingly in the role, viewers left comments on her Instagram posts as though she was really the character. This happened so often that Bona sent a message saying “that is Yu Rim, I am Bona.

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4. Lee Sang Yun — VIP

Veteran actor Lee Sang Yun has received hate comments throughout his career, but it seems like no role received as many as Park Sung Joon in VIP. The actor played a man cheating on his wife with one of their coworkers, and viewers often compared the actor to his character.

Shall we take a look at this week’s reactions~! Hooo…..Although thankful for seeing Lee Sang Yoon as Park Sung Joon… it still feels a bit lol…two weeks left let’s do our best until the end!

— Lee Sang Yoon

 5. Shin Ye Eun — The Glory

Shin Ye Eun played the teenage version of the drama’s antagonist, Park Yeon Jin. In addition to admitting the role caused her to have nightmares, she also shared that the reaction to her role in the drama wasn’t what she expected.

Many people said that they don’t want to see me smile…and that they don’t want to see my face. People actually unfollowed me.

— Shin Ye Eun

6. Lee You Mi – All Of Us Are Dead

Following her much-loved performance as Ji Yeong in Squid Games, Lee You Mi‘s role as Na Yeon in All Of Us Are Dead pulled a very different reaction from audiences.

| Netflix

“Unlike how the viewers showed their love and support for me after watching Ji Yeong in ‘Squid Game,’ the drama (‘All of Us Are Dead’) fans revealed their hatred and anger toward Na Yeon with memes, video clips and online posts”

— Lee Yoo Mi

She also remarked that she had “heard years’ worth of curses and swearing in just the last two weeks.” Yoo Mi has also defended her character, pointing out she was acting to survive.