“I Had Nightmares…” — Actress Shin Ye Eun Reveals How Hard It Was To Film “The Glory”

She gained fame but lost sleep.

Actress Shin Ye Eun gained much attention and praise for her acting in The Glory. She played the teen version of the main antagonist, Park Yeon Jin.

One of the most famous scenes was where Park Yeon Jin had tortured a schoolmate with a burning hot curling iron.

It was truly a taxing scene to film for everyone involved. On an episode of The Omniscient Point of View, Shin Ye Eun revealed just how hard it was to film it. Her co-stars for her upcoming drama, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, asked her which was harder to film — The Glory, or The Secret Romantic Guesthouse.

For Ye Eun, it was definitely the former.

It’s acting, and honestly we all film knowing that we’re only acting. But in that moment, like you just think, “what am I doing?” It was a cold curling rod anyway that I was holding up to her, but the actress was crying her eyes out. So I just thought like, “what am I doing?” and I ended up getting an outtake like that. When I went home, I ended up having nightmares.

—  Shin Ye Eun

She even revealed that she couldn’t fall asleep without earplugs back then because of how sensitive she got while filming for The Glory. Thankfully her hard work paid off, for The Glory became one of South Korea’s most successful dramas in 2023. Check out her admission below.

The Glory

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