K-Netizens Ranked The Top 10 Female Stars Who Look Smart & Pretty In Glasses

Who will come out on top?

There’s something about specs that makes all our favorite Korean stars look even cuter than usual. According to netizens who voted on Exciting DC, these are the top 10 female stars who looks the smartest and prettiest when they wear glasses.

#10. Cha Jungwon

Actress and model Cha Jungwon came in 10th place with 0.7% of the votes.

#9. Sandara Park (2NE1)

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park came in 9th place with 0.8% of the votes.

#8. Joy (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s Joy came in 8th place with 1.3% of the votes

#7. Jo Boa

Actress Jo Boa came in 7th place with 3.1% of the votes.

#6. Lee Minjung

Actress Lee Minjung came in 6th place with 4.3% of the votes.

#5. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon came in 5th place with 6.6% of the votes.

#4. Bomi (Apink)

Apink’s Bomi came in 4th place with 8.1% of the votes.

#3. Kim Yoojung

Actress Kim Yoojung came in 3rd place with 9.8% of the votes.

#2. IU

Soloist IU came in 2nd place with 16.0% of the votes.

#1. Irene (Red Velvet)

And at the top is Red Velvet’s Irene, who came in 1st place with a staggering 49.4% of the votes!