For Kang Dong Won, 10+ Kilograms Can Completely Change His Vibe On Screen

From sharp to soft, Kang Dong Won can do it all.

Actor Kang Dong Won is truly versatile; and by that we mean his dedication to his work is so great that he is often willing to gain or lose weight depending on what suits. He has, in the past few years he took on different roles, ranged between 64 kilograms (141 pounds) to 75 kilograms (165 pounds) in weight. Fans noticed that his visual and vibe changes drastically when he is at his skinniest vs. when he is at his fluffiest. From sharp to soft, here are 5 stages of Kang Dong Won.


1. 64kgs in Kundo: Age of the Rampant

In Kundo: Age of the Rampant, Kang Dong Won was at his lightest weight of 64 kilograms. In his slimmest physique, Kang Dong Won is fierce and charismatic — with all his facial features sharply defined.


2. 68kgs in A Violent Prosecutor

In A Violent Prosecutor, Kang Dong Won was 68 kilograms. For his height, 186 centimeters (approximately 6′ 1″), this is still considered super slim compared to the average. But that extra 3 kilograms does soften Kang Dong Won’s features a bit.


3. 71kgs in The Priests

In The Priests, Kang Dong Won was 71 kilograms and definitely different from his Kundo version. Kang Dong Won once revealed in an interview that he is aware of how even a single pound makes a noticeable change in his visual — and so he tries to keep his weight under strict control.


4. 74kgs in My Brilliant Life

In My Brilliant Life, Kang Dong Won was 74 kilograms and, as viewers put it, “happy looking”. In this physique, Kang Dong Won has rounder features which give him that softer vibe.


5. 75kgs in Master

In Master, Kang Dong Won was at his highest of 75 kilograms. He looks more built and, as some say, even healthier. For many fans, in fact, this fluffed-up version of Kang Dong Won has become more preferred over his skinny version.