Kang Hyewon Uploads Her First YouTube Video, Here Are 10 Times She Stunned Us With Her Visuals

We’re loving #3!

Former IZ*ONE member Kang Hyewon recently opened her very own YouTube channel. Her first video was a teaser for her photobook, particularly the “Things Version.”

Of course, she stunned in each and every shot. Check them out below!

1. While laying down

She showed off her pure visuals in a close-up of her in an all-white dress.

2. While drinking

Who knew drinking water can be so pretty?

3. While wearing red

Of course, she also slayed in more mature settings with a red bodycon dress.

4. While smelling flowers

No one can deny that she’s even more beautiful than the flowers she’s holding!

5. While holding a guitar

Who knew light green would be such a flattering color on her?

6. While holding her arms up

Even if half of her face is hidden, we all know she’s stunning!

| 강혜원/YouTube

7. While under the sun

Nature as a backdrop does wonders to accentuate her beauty.

| 강혜원/YouTube

8. While walking

The slight smile that she had while walking is kryptonite to fans.

9. While in a uniform

The school uniform-inspired outfit matches her youthful looks perfectly!

10. While peering over

And finally, Hyewon can do anything and we’d still praise her gorgeous visuals!

To see her beauty in full detail, check out the video below!

Source: YouTube