Just 10+ Photos Of KARD’s BM Being The “Big Tittie Gang’s” Leader

WARNING: The contents of this article are very hot. You may get burned.

KARD‘s BM is the swol founder of K-Pop’s “big man tittie committee”, also known as the “Big Tittie Gang“. His #1 duty as gang leader is pumping iron to plump up them man titties. Here are 10+ photos that prove it.

1. Let me begin by saying that I like this shirt. No, I love this shirt.

2. From now on, no other shirts are allowed. Period.

3. Whoa. I didn’t mean…but if we’re going to go there then…

4. …I’m not going to complain. At all. Ever. Absolutely no objections here, your honor. Guilty as charged!

5. Here’s a fun, purely scientific fact. Depending on the angle, “BM” can stand for “Big Man-Titties”…

6. …or “Back Muscles”.

7. Speaking of angles, these are two very good ones.

8. Who else watched KARD’s “Bomb Bomb” MV…

9. …five thousand times?

10. Now, it’s time to stream “Dumb Litty”. For the music, obviously.

11. Dear DSP Media, please give KARD’s stylists a raise…

12. Make that a very big tittie sized raise!

13. Serious question. Are any of these concertgoers still alive?

Death by hotness is a real thing, you know. I’m burning to death right now. Call 911.

In addition to being extremely talented, ripped, and hilarious, did you know that BM is surprisingly skilled at Jenga? Watch him play “extreme Jenga” in Episode 3 of HWAITING!