KARD BM’s Slogan For The “Big Tiddie Committee” Will Make You Want To Join ASAP

Big tiddies and humor? Everyone loves to see it.

Not only is BM a member of co-ed group KARD, but he’s the founder of the hilariously named “Big Tiddie Committee.” The group of male idols with “big tiddies” officially includes NU’EST‘s Baekho, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok.

He’s also mentioned MONSTA X‘s Shownu and The Rose‘s Woosung. To make the group even more official, he’s even come up with a funny catchphrase to match.

In the first episode of HWAITING, featuring him, Eric Nam, DAY6‘s Jae, Amber Liu, Jamie Park, BTOB‘s Peniel, and LADIES’ CODE‘s Ashley, he was introduced in the most fitting way, “He’s a big, big man.” That gave BM the perfect opportunity to plug his “Big Tiddie Gang.”

As energetic as ever, he made everyone laugh as he exclaimed, “Best gang in the world.” He then followed it up with a slogan for the gang that had everyone just as amused as they were at his entrance.

With utter confidence and a big smile, BM pointed to the camera and declared, “Save a tiddie, join the committee.” The funny slogan had Amber chuckling while Jamie said, “Oh, my gosh.”

If that doesn’t make you wish you could join the “Big Tiddie Gang,” what could? (Besides ripped guys, of course.) Listen to BM’s hilarious catchphrase along with more entertaining moments in the first episode of HWAITING.


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