5+ Times K-Dramas Gave Us The “Worst Dating Advice”

Hopefully no one has to ever resort to number seven 😂

K-Dramas are popular among global audiences for their attractive casts, exciting plots, and, perhaps most importantly, heart-fluttering moments.


The romance in many K-Dramas can be so appealing to international viewers that many have traveled to South Korea in search of their own drama-worthy romance.

[K-Dramas are] offering a glimpse into a world where men [are] romantic and patient, an antithesis to what the women saw as the sex-obsessed dating culture of their home countries.


Yumi’s Cells 

And certainly, K_Dramas are filled with adorable…

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 


Business Proposal 

And steamy moments that set viewers’ hearts aflutter.


But many K-Dramas have also portrayed the humorously realistic difficulties of dating. Here is a list of seven times K-Dramas gave us the worst possible dating advice.

1. “Flaunt your jawline”

At the very least… Try to be more subtle.

Bring It On, Ghost | The Swoon/YouTube 

2. Save your crush from falling (after you purposely knocked them over)

Telling them to “be careful” after you’ve caught them doesn’t exactly seem sincere.

Hit The Top | The Swoon/YouTube 

3. “Do you know Messi?”

Although Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo might be an iconic drama, the idea of trying to catch a guy’s eye by pretending to share the same interests… Definitely didn’t work.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo | The Swoon/YouTube 
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo | The Swoon/YouTube 

4. Trust people who are overly confident… Despite not having experience of their own

You may want a K-Drama romance, but you don’t want to accidentally write a love letter directly quoting song lyrics.

A Love So Beautiful | The Swoon/YouTube 
A Love So Beautiful | The Swoon/YouTube 

5. Place your faith in a “jealous saboteur”

If they’re trying to get in the way of your romance, they’re probably not going to give the best advice.

The Legend of the Blue Sea | The Swoon/YouTube 

6. Place your faith in a “jealous saboteur” and follow their encouragement to make a gigantic grand gesture

Grand gestures are always risky, but if a “jealous saboteur” encourages it? It’s definitely not ending well for you.

18 Again | The Swoon/YouTube 

7. Allow yourself to be possessed by a ghost to pursue your crush

It would… Certainly be a choice.

Oh My Ghost | The Swoon/YouTube 

Maybe we can’t always take dating advice directly out of a K-Drama script, but the fanciful romances they portray can certainly rekindle our faith in love.

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Source: The Swoon
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