10 Steps To Recovery After Binge Watching Your Favorite K-Dramas

Show hole be gone!

So you’ve just finished binge watching an entire K-Drama series and are feeling all sorts of mixed emotions right now. You’re happy because your ships got together but at the same time, you’re heartbroken because you know it’s unlikely you’ll get to see those characters again in a second season. So what are you going to do now? After the emotional rollercoaster you’ve just been on, you are definitely going to need to take a few steps to ensure your full recovery!


1. Let it all out

First things first you need to let all those emotions out. Whether it’s squealing in excitement over your leads getting together, crying over all the heartbreak that the show contained, or just straight up sobbing because of all the feels, you’ve got to let it all out to feel better!


2. Eat a full meal

After fully shaking off all those K-Drama emotions the next thing you should do is eat a full meal. We all know that while we’re binge watching we don’t really eat anything that’s good for us. You’re so into the show that you’ll grab the first snack you see so go and chow down on a full meal!


3. Take a shower

Not only with this get rid of any funk you’ve accumulated over the course of your marathon but it will also help to soothe and relax you further. The warm water will clear your head a little bit more. Bonus, you might also relive some of those steamy shower scenes that were in the show you just watched!


4. Go on SNS and commiserate with others

Maybe you’ve been avoiding social media just in case someone gives away some spoilers while you’ve been waiting around to watch the whole series with subtitles, but now is the perfect time to log back on! You just need to let it all out to someone else that knows exactly what you’re going through and you can talk about all the heart-melting and heartbreaking parts of the show.


5. Sleep

Now that you’ve successfully completed the above steps you need to go and get some shut eye. We know you’ve probably spent a lot of time watching the dramas and maybe even stayed up all night just to finish it off but you seriously need to rest. Trust us this is an essential step to recovery!


6. Go outside for some fresh air

Since you’re all rested up now, you need to head outside for some fresh air. Take a walk and go to a cafe or a museum. Just get out and get moving. This will help clear up your head even more!


7. Meet up with your friends and loved ones

And while you’re already out and about why not meet up with some friends? A little real-life human interaction is always a good thing! If your friend is also into K-Drama then you can totally talk about the series you just finished and if they’re not that’s fine too because at least you’re having fun with them!


8. Read some fanfic

If you’ve completed the above steps and still feel at a bit of a loss doing something fun like reading some fanfiction. We all know that you can find fanfic about pretty much anything so if you’re still thinking about your show, read something about that! And if fanfic isn’t your thing then maybe do a little bit of research about that historical drama you fell in love with.


9. Take a deep breath and realize you’re okay!

That’s right take a deep breath and let it out. You can finally breathe easy again because you should be feeling pretty good right about now!


10. And now what are you going to watch next?

Alright so you’ve successfully got through your K-Drama fest but now what? There are so many good dramas out there that it’s impossible to just watch one! So should you watch Descendants of the Sun for the millionth time or should you check out that new series everyone’s been talking about? Whatever you decided on, at least now you have a game plan next time you’re finished with your marathon!