Here’s How Long Each Kep1er Member Trained Before “Girls Planet 999”

Some of these girls have been preparing for a *long* time.

Before competing on Girls Planet 999 and making it into the lineup of Kep1er, here’s how long each member spent training to become a star.

1. Kim Chaehyun

Kep1er’s Chaehyun trained for around six years before joining Girls Planet 999. The 19-year-old first became a trainee in 2015 when she joined SM Entertainment, training for five years. She then left the company last year, training for an additional year under WAKEONE—the company co-managing Kep1er.

2. Huening Bahiyyih

It’s unknown exactly how long Kep1er’s Bahiyyih trained for before joining Girls Planet 999. Play M Entertainment recently revealed that the 17-year-old is signed to their agency, but it’s unclear whether she joined them before or after becoming part of the show’s lineup. That said, her dance academy did reveal that she passed several auditions for other companies between March and July last year. As such, it seems she’s been an official trainee for less than one year, not including her time training at the academy.

3. Choi Yujin

Kep1er’s Yujin trained for around four years before debuting in her first group, CLC. In fact, she actually trained longer than any of her fellow members, joining Cube Entertainment in 2011. 25-year-old Yujin was then a member of CLC for six years before joining Girls Planet 999, giving her ten years of experience in total.

4. Kim Dayeon

Kep1er’s Dayeon trained for around three years before joining Girls Planet 999. The 18-year-old spent around one year training under CNC School and a further year at Stardium Entertainment, along with one year under her current agency, Jellyfish Entertainment.

5. Seo Youngeun

Kep1er’s Youngeun trained for around two and a half years before joining Girls Planet 999, including several months under her current agency, BIScuit Entertainment. It’s unknown where the 16-year-old trained before joining the company.

6. Kang Yeseo

It’s unknown how long Kep1er’s Yeseo trained for before debuting, but she’s been active as an idol for several years. The 16-year-old was a pre-debut member of Pritti in 2014 and a member of Cutie-L from the age of 5 to 8 years old. She then spent around a year and a half as a member of Buster, giving her approximately four and a half years of idol experience before joining Girls Planet 999. She’s now signed to 143 Entertainment.

7. Ezaki Hikaru

Kep1er’s Hikaru trained for around five years before joining Girls Planet 999. Now 17 years old, she joined Avex Artist Academy‘s child group +GANG in 2016, and continued training after leaving the group in 2018.

8. Sakamoto Mashiro

Kep1er’s Mashiro trained for around four years before joining Girls Planet 999. She joined JYP Entertainment in 2016 and trained there for two years, spending a further year or two training under Pledis Entertainment. Now, the 21-year-old is signed to 143 Entertainment alongside Yeseo.

9. Shen Xiaoting

Kep1er’s Xiaoting trained for around two and a half years before joining Girls Planet 999, as revealed in a letter she wrote to herself. It’s unknown which agencies she’s been signed to, but she’s been training under TOP CLASS Entertainment since Chinese survival show Produce Camp 2020 at least.