Kep1er Will Reportedly Not Have Their Project Group Contract Extended

They will disband as scheduled.

Kep1er will reportedly not have their project group contract extended, meaning they will disband in July 2024.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, each member of Kep1er will return to their respective agencies in July 2024 after the conclusion of Kep1er’s group activities. They will have both a comeback and a concert before the end of their contract as a last goodbye to their fans.

Kep1er was formed through Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999. The winning group would promote together for two and a half years. Since Kep1er debuted in January 2022, their activities would conclude in July 2024.

Back in September 2023, it was reported that Kep1er’s agency, Wake One Entertainment, were in discussions with the members’ companies to extend the group’s activities. However, it appears those conversations have ultimately failed to come to fruition.

Kep1er In Discussions To Extend Their Project Group Contract

Source: Star News


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