Here Are The Unique Individual Talents Of Kep1er, According To The Members Themselves

Bahiyyih’s talent got us laughing!

Each member of Kep1er stands out for more than just their visuals or skills on stage. They each have a fun talent that shows off their individuality which they revealed during an interview with Muply.

Check them out below!

1. Youngeun

Talent: Imitating Doraemon’s voice

First up, Youngeun channeled her inner Doraemon and her fellow members found her attempt absolutely hilarious.

2. Huening Bahiyyih

Talent: Making Hikaru laugh 24/7

Bahiyyih is talented at making Hikaru laugh. To prove this, she danced to “WA DA DA” in slow motion and successfully left the Japanese member grinning from ear to ear.

3. Yujin

Talent: Flexibility

Yujin is Kep1er’s flexibility representative. Doing a full split was easy as pie for her!

4. Chaehyun

Talent: Imitating Shin Chan’s voice

Chaehyun, like Youngeun, is great at imitating cartoon characters. This time, she was Crayon Shin Chan, a young boy from the anime of the same name.

5. Xiaoting

Talent: Touch the opposite side of her ear

Xiaoting also showed incredible flexibility when she wrapped her arm around her face to touch her ear on the opposite side.

6. Dayeon

Talent: Imitating the echo sound in the singing room

Dayeon can perfectly imitate the echo that one hears when they sing in an enclosed room.

7. Yeseo

Talent: Facial expressions

Befitting her past as a child actress, Yeseo is now ultra-talented at doing different facial expressions. To prove her point, she acted out her part from Miracle In Cell No.7.

Unfortunately, Hikaru‘s and Mashiro‘s individual talents weren’t mentioned during the show, but it’s safe to say that fans already know these two are skilled at everything they do!

Source: YouTube