K-Netizen Compiles List Of Legendary Albums With No Skippable Songs

Do you agree with their choices?

Everyone has their favorite albums full of songs that they love — and find themselves enjoying every second of every track. One K-Netizen compiled a list of their favorite “no-skip” albums full of amazing songs that you’ll want to listen to one after another. Check out their list and see if any of your favorite albums are here, too!

1. Love Yourself: Answer (BTS)

Title track: Idol

O.P. recommends: Euphoria, Seesaw, Epiphany, The Truth Untold, I’m Fine

2. Neo Zone (NCT 127)

Title track: Kick It

O.P. recommends: Pandora’s Box, Day Dream, Mad Dog, Sit Down!, Love Song, White Night

3. Square Up (BLACKPINK)

Title track: DDU-DU DDU-DU

O.P. recommends: Really, Forever Young, See You Later, DDU-DU DDU-DU (All of them)

4. Perfect Velvet (Red Velvet)

Title track: Peek-A-Boo

O.P. recommends: Look, I Just, About Love, Peek A Boo


Title track: Growl

O.P. recommends: 365, Peterpan, Don’t Go


Title track: Twenty-three

O.P. recommends: Knees, The Shower, Glasses, Twenty-three

7. Pink Tape (f(x))

Title track: Rum Pum Pum Pum

O.P. recommends: Goodbye Summer, Shadow

8. We Young (NCT Dream)

Title track: We Young

O.P. recommends: Walk You Home, My Page, La La Love, Trigger The Fever, We Young (All of them)

9. HOW ARE YOU? (N.Flying)

Title track: How R U Today

O.P. recommends: Anyway, Up All Night, Lovefool, Fall With You, How R U Today (All of them)

10. Snowflake (GFRIEND)

Title track: Rough

O.P. recommends: Say My Name, Luv Star, Someday, Trust, Rough (All of them)


Title track: Only One for Me

O.P. recommends: Yeah, Blue Moon, 1,2,3, The Feeling, Call Me, Only One for Me

12. Canvas (NU’EST)

Title track: Love Paint

O.P. recommends: Daybreak

Source: Nate Pann