Did You Know These 6 Groups Formed Via Survival Shows?

Those viral project groups from the “Produce” series aren’t the only ones from survival shows.

After the success of groups like I.O.I and Wanna One, groups formed through participation on survival programs like Produce 101 have become a fixture of the K-Pop landscape. After tons of TV exposure, these groups often become extremely popular and successful, so survival shows aren’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

I.O.I during “Very Very Very” promotions in 2016 | @ioi_official_/Twitter

Of course, for groups formed on high-profile shows, like IZ*ONE and Kep1er, it’s common knowledge that they were formed via a survival show. However, there are many more longstanding groups that some may not realize were formed via shows at all! In no particular order, here are 6 other groups that formed via survival shows.


Starship Entertainment‘s biggest boy group MONSTA X was formed beginning in late 2014 on the reality show No.Mercy. The show began with twelve participants, who were then eventually whittled down to the group’s final lineup. In the past few years, MONSTA X has achieved tremendous success, but newer and more casual fans may be surprised to learn about their survival show origins.

MONSTA X (excluding Shownu) for Rolling Stones UK | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter


VIXX was formed in 2012 by Jellyfish Entertainment through a program called MyDOL. The original pool was ten trainees, which was then reduced to VIXX’s starting lineup of 6. VIXX will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, so it’s no surprise if recent fans haven’t heard about this piece of the group’s history.

VIXX during promotions for their 2018 song “Scentist” | @RealVIXX/Twitter

4. Momoland

MLD Entertainment‘s girl group Momoland achieved earth-shattering success with their 2018 hit Bboom Bboom. Before they hit it big, though, the girls competed for debut on the program Finding Momoland. From the initial ten trainees, seven were selected to be part of the group. The year after the debut, though, two more members were added, including previous Finding Momoland contestant Daisy. Fans who have kept up with former-member Daisy’s lawsuit with the company will surely know about this survival show.

2021 lineup of Momoland during “Yummy Yummy Love” promotions | @MMLD_Official/Twitter


PENTAGON debuted in 2016 under CUBE Entertainment after participating in their own survival show, Pentagon Maker. Though three of the group’s members (Yanan, Shinwon, and former member E’Dawn, now known as Dawn) were eliminated during the course of the show, they were brought eventually back into the final group, and all ten trainees from Pentagon Maker ended up debuting together.

2021 lineup of PENTAGON (excluding leader Hui) | @CUBE_PTG/Twitter

2. iKON

YG Entertainment‘s 2015 boy group iKON is unique in that they participated on not one survival show, but two! Their first appearance was on the 2013 show WIN: Who Is Next, where six of them competed as a team and ended up losing to their opposing team, who went on to become Winner. After this, they went on the follow-up program Mix & Match with three additional trainees to determine the group’s final lineup, and there they added one more member to the group before their 2015 debut.

iKON’s original lineup | @iKON_YG/Twitter


Currently one of the biggest girl groups of all time, TWICE was formed by JYP Entertainment in early 2015 through the survival show Sixteen. From an original group of 16 trainees, the girls competed against each other to determine seven members to make up the final lineup. In the final episode, it was announced that the group would actually be nine members instead of seven, and previously eliminated member Momo, as well as Tzuyu, were added back into the group.

TWICE’s current lineup during “SCIENTIST” promotions | @JYPETWICE/Twitter
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