Korea’s Hottest Reality Dating Show “Heart Signal 2” Is Here And Here Are ALL The Contestants

Between all of these accomplished and gorgeous people, love is sure to bloom!

After the first episode aired, only 6 of the 8 housemates had arrived at Signal House. Nevertheless, get to know those who showed up and started sending love signals in the second season of the hottest Korean reality dating show!


1. Kim Do Kyoon

Born in 1989, he’s from Seoul who is currently the head doctor at Zon Skin Clinic. His parents are the hospital directors.


2. Lee Gyu Bin

90-liner, from Seoul, who graduated from Seoul National University’s College of Liberal Arts. He passed the Civil Service Examination and is preparing to become a Level 5 Prosecution Administration Officer.


3. Jung Jae Ho

This 1990’er graduated from University of California, Berkeley. He’s the owner of a startup company called Smart Wallet whose annual sales equal 150 billion won, around $139 million USD.


5. Yoo Young Joo 

Born in 1990, she comes from Seoul, but also graduated from the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles.


5. Song Da Eun

This 91-liner graduated from Induk University’s Broadcasting and Entertainment Department. She’s looking to become an actress.


6. Im Hyeon Joo

The youngest of the bunch, born in 1994, is currently attending Kookmin University and majoring in Costume Design. She’s currently a model for the online mall Daily Monday.


Source: Instiz