Here Are The 4 Main Types Of Beauty In Korea That Everyone Wants, According To Netizens

Everyone has their own preference!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but according to a recent post from K-Netizens, most people can’t help but fall for these styles of visuals. Check out the 4 main types of beauty that many people strive for below!

1. Innocent, Pure, and Tender Vibe

Similar to the beauty of IU, this soft aura is both dainty and feminine.

Japanese actress Yū Aoi is also known for her pure visuals that are fresh and effortlessly pretty.

2. Elegant and Mature

More popular for adults, this type of beauty radiates a sense of maturity and class.



This is more common among actresses, including Kim Hyun Joo.

People who fit this aura exude both power and grace.

3. Photogenic “Hot Girl”

Just like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, people with this type of beauty look like the walking versions of “young, rich, and beautiful.”

Noze also has the same stunning aura that’s luxurious and sexy.

Actress Han So Hee also fits the vibe with her cool, trendy aura.


4. Lovely Princess

Lastly, people with sparkling, doll-like beauty fit into this category like IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung.

They can often exude princess vibes like Red Velvet‘s Joy.

With her beautiful smile and doe eyes, Nayeon from TWICE is another example.


Source: TheQoo