Quench Your Thirst With 9 Of K-Drama’s Hottest Ahjussis

Actors in their forties are hotter than ever 🥵

Although younger actors are stepping onto the acting scene, veteran actors over forty are still dominating. K-Drama viewers have even crowned the sexy actors Ahjuicy (a term originating from a particular manhwa). So here are nine of the hottest ahjussis that K-Drama viewers can’t get enough of.

1. Yoo Teo (41)

German Korean actor Yoo Teo has recently gained fame from the enemies-to-lovers romance Love to Hate You. He also starred in the film Decision to Leave and will appear in Past Lives.

Yoo Teo | Netflix

On top of his acting skills, the actor has won over fans with his handsome visuals.

2. Jung Sung Il (43)

While Jung Sung Il has appeared in Our Blues and the film Project Wolf Hunting, the actor caught attention after acting in Netflix‘s The Glory.

Jung Sung Il | Netflix

The actor’s sexiness immediately won over viewers and earned him magazine spreads where he could show it off.

3. Gong Yoo (43)

Gong Yoo acted in many hit shows, from Coffee Prince and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (also known as Goblin) to movies like Silenced and Train to Busan. He even took over the internet with his visuals when appearing in Squid Game.

Gong Yoo in “Squid Game.” | Netflix

Gong Yoo left everyone feeling even more thirsty with a Calvin Klein photo shoot that showed off his ripped body.

| Calvin Klein

4. Kim Ji Hoon (41)

The long-haired actor caught attention in Flower of Evil for his handsome looks and kept that interest with his roles in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and Love to Hate You.

Kim Ji Hoon in “Love to Hate You.” | Netflix

Kim Ji Hoon recently got a haircut that only enhanced his visuals, proving he’s good-looking in any style.

| @jiraishin99/Instagram

5. Lee Dong Wook (41)

Lee Dong Wook has taken roles in many popular K-Dramas like My Girl, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (also known as Goblin), Strangers From Hell, and Tale of the Nine Tailed.

Lee Dong Wook

Whatever role Lee Dong Wook takes on, his timeless looks always shine.

| @leedongwook_official/Instagram

6. Hyun Bin (40)

Although Hyun Bin’s last K-Drama was Crash Landing on You, where he connected his wife, the actor has been busy filming movies Confidential Assignment 2: International, The Point Men, and Harbin.

Hyun Bin | CJ Entertainment

Between his older roles and his latest ones, Hyun Bin keeps proving he looks even more handsome as he gets older.

| @vast.ent/Instagram

7. Ji Sung (46)

From K-Dramas like Kill Me, Heal Me, Doctor John, and Adamas, Ji Sung has taken on a variety of leading roles.

Ji Sung

And through them all, the actor has kept viewers amazed by his good looks.

8. Jang Hyuk (46)

Jang Hyuk has appeared in the hit K-Dramas Tree With Deep Roots (also known as Deep Rooted Tree) and IRIS 2. He’s currently starring in Family: The Unbreakable Bond, where he’s given everyone a look at how fit he is.

Jang Hyuk in “Family: The Unbreakable Bond” with his on-screen daughter.

Despite being in his late forties, the actor looks as handsome as ever.

| @sidushq_star/Instagram

9. Park Hee Soon (53)

From his roles in A Model Family, Trolley, Moving, and the movie The Policeman’s Lineage, Park Hee Soon has won over viewers with his acting skills and sexiness.

Park Hee Soon in “A Model Family.” | @park_hee_soon/Instagram

He proves there’s no age limit for being among the hottest actors.

| @park_hee_soon/Instagram
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