Where Are They Now? The Cast Of “Reply 1997” 11 Years Later

They’ve all gone through some changes.

The Korean drama Reply 1997 was released in 2012 and became successful enough to start a series, Reply 1994 and Reply 1988 following afterward. But here’s what the original cast has been up to over ten years later.

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1. Eunji (Apink)

In 2012, Apink’s Eunji played the lovable fangirl Sung Si Won as the drama’s female lead.

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Since then Eunji has appeared in popular dramas such as That Winter, The Wind Blows and Work Later, Drink Now. She’s currently starring in Work Later, Drink Later 2 while also balancing Apink and solo promotions from time to time.


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2. Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk played Sung Si Won’s caring childhood best friend, Yoon Yoon Jae, who eventually falls for her.

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Ever since then, the singer has starred in many dramas like The Master’s Sun, Doom at Your Service, and Café Minamdang while maintaining his career as a solo artist.

3. Shin So Yul

Shin So Yul also played one of Sung Si Won’s best friends. She took on the fangirl character Mo Yoo Jung who’s quick to fall in love.

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Shin So Yul has been hard at work over the years, appearing in many K-Dramas and movies like Mrs. Cop, Should We Kiss First, and Train. When she’s not acting, she’s enjoying her married life with her husband and musical actor Kim Ji Chul.


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4. Hoya

Hoya (also known as Lee Howon) played Yoon Yoon Jae’s shy best friend, Kang Joon Hee, who was secretly in love with him.

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Though Hoya was an INFINITE member at the time of the drama’s airing, he withdrew from the group to become a solo artist. He’s now a member of the dance crew MBITIOUS, who appeared on Street Man Fighter. He also continued to appear in dramas like My Lovely Girl and Two Cops and the movie A Birth.

5. Lee Si Eon

Lee Si Eon played the silly character Bang Sung Jae who provided comedic relief for the group of friends.

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He’s starred in countless dramas and movies over the years like Kill Me, Heal Me, Man to Man, My Sassy Girl, Abyss, and Bad Prosecutor. Like Shin So Yul, Lee Si Eon also tied the knot, with fellow actress Seo Ji Seong.


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6. Eun Ji Won (SECHSKIES)

In 2012, veteran idol Eun Ji Won made his K-Drama debut as the transfer student Do Hak Chan.

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Unlike the rest of the cast, Eun Ji Won didn’t take on any other acting roles. He’s been focused on his solo career, group promotions, and countless variety shows—as a host and cast member.


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Where Are They Now?