You Need To Try Putting These 6 Delicious Korean Foods In A Waffle Iron

Number 3 is absolutely genius.

iKON’s Song and Chan recently tried all kinds of Korean food that become insanely delicious when thrown into a waffle iron. From sweet snacks to savory sides, here are the 6 foods they found work the best.

1. Dakgangjeong (Korean Fried Chicken)

As opposed to popping frozen fried chicken in the microwave, try making them extra crispy in waffle iron for a few minutes.

2. Croffle

Different kinds of croffles have different fillings.

This perfect marriage of the croissant and waffle with a chocolate syrup filling tastes just as if someone freshly baked after cooking in the waffle iron for 1 minute.

3. Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancake)

Hotteok can be prepared and garnished in all kinds of ways.

Putting the pancake in for 3 minutes turns the hotteok from a soft pancake into a crispy waffle and luckily you can still taste the delicious honey filling!

4. Bibigo Dumplings

Using the waffle iron for dumplings is a great alternative for when you just a bit too lazy to prepare them normally.

5. Samgak Kimbap (Triangle Kimbap)

For this savory crunchy rice snack, cook for 5 minutes. Optionally, add butter for the best experience.

6. Pengsoo Peanut Butter-Flavored Bread

Pengsoo bread comes in various flavors and styles. 

This dessert doesn’t need much time to cook, making the outside crispy and keeping the inside soft.

Watch their adventure trying different foods below!