6 Makeup Essentials To Master Korean Beauty

Add these into your makeup routine for an Idol-inspired look.

Korean makeup has a certain sultry yet doll-like look to it that is totally irresistible. If you have ever wanted to try to master the art of K-Pop idol inspired makeup, look no further. These makeup essentials will fit flawlessly into your makeup routine and put you on the path to mastering the art of Korean beauty for yourself.

1. A Natural Base

Korean makeup starts with a fresh, dewy base. Many K-Celebs are spotted using cushion compacts, which features a sponge soaked in foundation that are easily portable.

You can get the same look with a natural looking foundation such as bareMinerals, or if you prefer liquid foundation for extra hydration, try a BB or CC cream.

2. Warm-toned Eyeshadow

Burnt oranges, reds, and reddish-browns create a sexy yet sweet look when placed at the corner of the eye. Instead of dragging the color throughout your crease, focus mostly on the outer quarter of the lid and blend lightly over the rest of the lid to avoid any harsh lines. Optional: Sweep across the lower lashline for an all-over effect.



This look can be achieved with the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette or any warm-toned palette.

3. Thin Eyeliner

Instead of a typical cat eye which extends upward from the corner of the eye, point the wing slightly downward or straight to extend the eye and give it a more youthful appearance.


Remember to keep the line thin. Using NYX Matte Liquid Liner will help to give you precise control and apply a little at a time, or just use a dark eyeshadow on a thin angled brush for a smokier look.

4. Under Eye Sparkles

Adding shine or sparkles right under the center of the eyes creates a doll-like look.

Dotting a Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow and blending gently with a cotton swab will do the trick (Feel free to get creative with your sparkles!).

5. Youthful Blush

Add a baby pink or coral blush to the apples of the cheek. You can experiment with the placement of the blush and see which effect is most flattering; bringing the blush below the eyes creates a youthful look, while sweeping it out and upwards creates a more mature effect.

Colourpop’s “Get Leid Super Shock Blush” creates a peachy vibe and can easily be layered (Hint: for an innocent look, apply some blush to the tip of the nose).

6. Muted/Gradient Lips

The key to mastering a Korean lip is hydration. Start by applying your favorite lip balm and lightly dab a red or deep pink lipstick in the center of your lips using your ring finger and blend into your natural lip color. However, be sure not to drag the lip color too far outwards. Optional: Top with a gloss for a glass-like look.

Bonus tip: If this look creates a washed-out feeling on your skin tone, try going for a western-eastern makeup hybrid. Use a lip liner close to your natural lip color and subtly overline your lips, then fill in the remaining empty space with this color.