The Top 3 Korean Male Celebrities People Ask To Look Like, According To A Plastic Surgeon 

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Director Oh Jae Hyun of One Peak Plastic Surgery recently revealed the top 3 Korean male celebrities that people who are receiving plastic surgery hope to look like. Many of these celebs are famous for their good looks and perfect facial features, such as their big eyes or tall noses. Check out the list below.

1. V (BTS)

Director Oh chose BTS‘s V as the first celebrity worth mentioning, explaining how V has highly-coveted and rare facial features.

V | One Peak TV/YouTube

He explained how V’s face has the “golden ratio” due to its perfect proportions and symmetry.

Despite not having double eye lids, his eyes are still very big. The corner of his eyes are also slightly lowered, giving a gentle impression.

He’s also known for his flawless nose bridge that is very high without looking unnatural. He has a strong line from his forehead to the tip of his nose.

Instead of having a completely straight nose, it’s slightly rounded and has a square tip, giving his face a masculine feeling.

2. Park Bo Gum

Next, he chose the “original face genius” actor Park Bo Gum.

Park Bogum | One Peak TV/YouTube

His eyes have thin inner double eyelids. The eyes are clear and the eyebrow bone is protruding, making the eyes turn inward, creating a deeper and more profound look to his face.

Along with good eyes, he also has a high nose bridge and slightly up-turned tip of his nose, giving off a mischievous and lively impression.

His nose is also slightly rounded, giving off what Director Oh describes as a slightly feminine appearance.

3. Song Kang

The next most-mentioned male celebrity when it comes to plastic surgery is actor Song Kang.

Song Kang | One Peak TV/YouTube

His eyes usually end with a line that shows double eyelids, giving off a soft and cute impression, which is much less harsh than a full double eyelid.

His nose isn’t a typical straight nose with the tip falling slightly, but it gives the feeling of a natural, handsome and masculine nose.

4. Honorable mentions

Other celebrities that are often mentioned include ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, actor Park Seojoon, and WEi‘s Kim Yohan.

Check out the picks for female celebrities below.

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