Korean Media Picks The 6 K-Pop Male Idols That Are Gaining Attention For Their Mesmerizing Dancing Skills

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When a K-Pop idol gets on stage, they perform not just through their songs and lyrics but also their choreography. The dances in K-Pop not only tell a story but capture the hearts of fans with their intricate and precise moves.

Cosmopolitan Korea recently had a look at some of the K-Pop main dancers they thought were really making an impact worldwide. Here is a look at the six idols taking the world by storm with their phenomenal dancing skills!

1. Jimin (BTS)

Since debuting in 2013 in BTS, Jimin has been seen as one of the leading dancers in the K-Pop industry. Jimin started learning to dance at a young age and trained in various dance genres and styles. All of this knowledge and experience can be seen through each performance as Jimin can create a fluid and elegant performance and bring power to the more hip-hop-based choreography. No matter what Jimin dances to, he can capture the audience’s attention and memorize them with his skills.

2. J-Hope (BTS)

Like Jimin, J-Hope is seen as one of the premiere dancers in K-Pop. Whenever he gets on stage, he not only brings technique but this unrivaled charisma and power that is enough to bring all the attention to him. In particular, his facial expressions and emotions catch the attention of fans as he always looked full of joy. Yet, when he needs to, he can flick a switch and perform powerful and emotional numbers with his fluidity and movements.

3. Jisung (NCT)

Although the youngest member of NCT, many have said that SM Entertainment scouted Jisung because of his unrivaled potential seen. Since debuting, Jisung has wowed fans with mature dance skills that exude experience far beyond his years. As the years have gone on, Jisung has continued to improve, showing his talent, charisma, and on-stage presence through not only his vocals but performance. In particular, he has immense control over his movements making each step look effortless.

4. Yoo Taeyang (SF9)

SF9’s main dancer Taeyang has gained attention for his dramatic and eye-catching dancing. With his elegant lines, sophisticated aura, and talent, Taeyang brings drama and passion whenever he dances that resembles a musical. In particular, Cosmopolitan also spoke about the attention Taeyang received for his performances with SF9 on the latest series of Mnet‘s Kingdom and their latest track, “Tear Drop.” With effortless fluidity and stunning emotions, his dancing is enough to capture anyone’s attention.

5. Bae Jinyoung (CIX)

Bae Jinyoung first gained attention through Mnet’s Produce 101, joining the final Wanna One lineup, and is now part of boy group CIX. Known for his fantastic dancing, Bae Jinyoung help in creating his group’s choreography and helping his members. With his frame, each step has a purpose filling the stage with his talent and charisma. In particular, Bae Jinyoung can also showcase a sexier side when necessary. With his power and commitment, Bae Jinyoung commands attention whenever he is on stage.

6. Ni-ki (ENHYPEN)

Despite only debuting last year, ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki caught the attention of fans for his incredible dancing ability. Growing up in Japan, Ni-ki started dancing from a young age and after training in his parent’s dance studio at a later age, the years of practice show in his performances. With skills in a diverse range of dance styles, his fluidity and technique are always on show. In the article, the author couldn’t stop praising the group’s maknae, even comparing his potential to the likes of his seniors, such as EXO‘s Kai and BTS’s Jimin.

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea, FI and FI
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