Korean Netizens Describe K-Pop Idol Agencies In Single Phrases… And Oh, How It Burns


From the different generations of K-Pop, netizens have learned: These idol management agencies come with such drastic personalities. And these “personalities” can really make or break a group’s career. Having seen the rise and fall of countless groups through the decades, netizens playfully pinned down the strongest characteristic of each agency — and how they have some of K-Pop’s most prominent agencies described in single phrases is cracking up K-Pop fans around the world!

1. SM Entertainment

I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I just made it f*cking complicated.

If there is one thing we all know about SM Entertainment, it is the agency’s love for unique approaches. This desire to be one and only often results in complicated concepts, outfits, choreographies, and team systems — which SM artist fans have come to embrace and love. But for beginners, the intricacies can be intimidating for sure.


2. YG Entertainment

I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I’m not going to give it to you at all.

Avid K-Pop fans have probably heard the term “YG’s Basement” or “YG’s Dungeon” before. That is to say, YG Entertainment is quite infamous for keeping its artists tucked away and almost inactive before they come out with a new album. The agency knows this running joke about itself too — which ended up being the foundation for the title of its survival program Treasure Box.


3. JYP Entertainment

I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I’m here.

J. Y. Park is, before he is JYP Entertainment‘s leader, a musician and performer himself. With that being said, K-Pop fans often poke fun at how J. Y. Park is always on the look out to drop an album and compete against his own agency-mates!


4. Big Hit Entertainment

If you’re not sure, review the years’ worth of contents.

Most experts agree, Big Hit Entertainment‘s success with BTS came from the agency and the group’s endless effort to communicate with the fans. In fact, this completely-open-book type of approach to fans often leaves them bombarded with so much content to digest. From live broadcasts to tweets, and from Weverse comments to YouTube videos… ARMYs don’t have any time to waste.


5. Pledis Entertainment

Doesn’t matter what you like, we’re keeping all the copyrights.

Pledis Entertainment recently went under fire for its allegedly unfair treatment of artists in ripping them off of their copyrights. Carats had to light fire to get the agency’s attention and eventual feedback for SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi not getting proper credit for his choreographies. The incident has since then stuck with netizens who can’t help but view the agency for being thirsty for copyrights.


6. CUBE Entertainment

We get what you’d like, but we’re going with this.

K-Pop fans will never forget Cube Entertainment‘s zero-cool reaction to HyunA and Dawn‘s dating news. The agency already had built itself a reputation for keeping its ears closed to what the fans want. It was when it kicked HyunA and Dawn out that K-Pop fans realized Cube Entertainment is that stubborn AF child.


7. Starship Entertainment

We can’t tell what you want, so here’s something new.

Starship Entertainment continues to expand business out to managing not only a house full of hot rising idol groups, but also a label full of rookie to veteran actors. Some fans see this rapid growth as the agency’s dedication to keep things fresh — while others see it as a string of risky moves jeopardizing the current stars.

8. TS Entertainment

We’re not sure how this works.

The fall of TS Entertainment comes from its repeated involvement in legal battles with its once-signed artists-turned-enemies. Former B.A.P‘s Bang Yongguk, former SECRET‘s Hyosung, and rapper Sleepy have all confronted the agency for its unreasonable finances — and through these endless lawsuits, K-Pop fans have come to see the agency as shady AF.

Source: Nate Pann

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