Korean Netizens Recommend K-Pop Songs That Sound Like Animation OSTs

Do you agree?

The introductions to each song is extremely important as the first few seconds can draw a person in, or cause one to make a hasty decision to skip the song. Korean netizens have compiled a list of K-Pop songs with introductions that sound exactly like an OST for an animation movie.

1. Stray Kids’ “TOP”

With strong notes that sound like an ascending violin, “TOP” would be the perfect OST for a fight scene.

2. Stray Kids’ “Miroh”

The dramatic melody that sounds a little melancholic makes us think of a hero heading into his story arc.

3. VICTON’s “Time of Sorrow”

The song reminds us of a tragic love story between two leads.

4. Taeyeon’s “Fire”

We’re not crying, it’s uh, something’s in our eye! “Fire” is the perfect background music for listless, aimless walking.

5. PENTAGON’s “Spring Snow”

Doesn’t the guitar riff remind you of a happy, Japanese manga-turned-animation?

Bonus: DAY6’s “Finale”

If you’ve not yet heard this masterpiece, you’re missing out! Although not on the list itself, many comments on the original post have voted for “Finale” as the background music for the ending scene.

International fans seemingly feel the same. Check out the hilarious yet relatable comments.

What other songs do you think perfectly fit animation OSTs? Let us know!

Source: pann
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