Korean Reporters Who Met BTS’s RM Reveal 5+ Reasons He’s A True Leader

“Look at where BTS is now. RM is doing everything right.”

In a YTN Star video, Korean entertainment reporters gathered to discuss BTS‘s RM and his fine qualities as a group leader. The press had nothing but high praise for RM and his ability to support BTS to superstardom. Here are some of the many reasons that the reporters shared which deemed RM as K-Pop’s most perfect example of an idol group leader!


1. His Stage Presence

I was at the Wembley concert this year. The first performance was of ‘Dionysus’. When RM walked out on to the stage, he looked like a Greek god. That charisma, I still remember clearly to this day.

— Reporter Kang Nae Ri


2. His Talent As A Producer

DNA. Spring Day. Not Today. BTS’s hit songs like these are actually all produced by RM. So he’s not only a leader in BTS. He’s pulling his weight in a lot of ways.

— Reporter Ji Seung Hoon


3. His Communication Skills

I’ve watched them on the Ellen show and the Late show and RM’s part plays a huge role in these shows. He has excellent communication skills. The way he translates back and forth between the host and the members is simply outstanding.

— Reporter Cho Hyun Joo


4. His Attention To Detail

I go to a lot of idol showcases. When these groups hold press conferences like such, they try to stick to the script or they don’t say anything outside the ordinary. RM — and the rest of BTS really — goes beyond though. They always give a satisfyingly different answer. RM always has a pen and paper ready. He writes down the question and thinks about how he can really put out an insightful answer.

— Reporter Ji Seung Hoon


5. His Humble Attitude

When a group is rookie, the members are passionate for success. So it is relatively easier for the leader to lead the group. What’s difficult is after the group tastes success. It is once the group goes big that the leadership is tested. The leader has to really control the members to make sure the group stays humble and successful. And look at where BTS is now. Everyone would agree that’s how they are. That shows RM is doing everything right… Even ARMYs comment that RM is the one who keeps everything in balance and in check.

— Reporter Park Hyun Min


6. His Confidence In Himself

Being conceited and being confident are two very different thing. And for RM, he has a sense of confidence that shines. It’s like he knows he is a well-prepared leader. That confidence rubs off in the things he does and says. It makes him that much more memorable. I believe RM’s type of confidence is quite ideal for idols to have.

— Reporter Kang Nae Ri


7. His Good Physique

RM is the only member in BTS that is over 180cm tall. He is the tallest member in the group. While that doesn’t sound like much, it does hold meaning in one way or another.

— Reporter Park Hyun Min


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