6 Female Stars Who Like to Date Secretly Without Anyone Finding Out

They confessed that they like to keep their dating a secret.

It’s no surprise that dating publicly for celebrities takes a big toll on their relationship, leading to hardships or even breakups. For that reason, some stars have admitted to enjoying secret dates and making sure no one finds about it. Here are 6 female stars who like to date in secret.

1. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is one of the most well-known celebrities for having relationships that no one finds out about. On one variety show, Son Ye Jin even revealed the reason for why she never gets involved in scandals by explaining that she makes sure all her dating is in secret. She also added that if you don’t date another famous person, scandals don’t arise, which drew quite the interest from viewers.

2. Younha

The popular vocalist, Younha has also confessed to dating in secret. On Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook, Younha confidently revealed that she’s been dating successfully ever since her debut. And in one interview with a media outlet, Younha shared that she has met many good people and had many great relationship experiences.

3. Im Soo Hyang

The beautiful actress, Im Soo Hyang is also the type to keep her relationships a secret. In a past interview, Im Soo Hyang revealed that she makes sure no one finds out about her dating. But she also explained that it’s not because she hates the idea of making it known, but that she simply enjoys dating in peace.

4. Chae Jung An

The veteran actress, Chae Jung An once revealed that she prefers to date in secret. On SBS’s Some Guys, Some Girls, she confessed that she had a hard time keeping her relationship a secret when she first debuted. And on another variety program, the actress shared that dating in secret is the most fun way to date.

5. Choi Ji Woo

The popular actress Choi Ji Woo, who will become a mother this coming spring, also enjoys dating in secret. Back in 2018, Choi Ji Woo married the man she had been dating for a year. Choi Ji Woo drew quite the attention when it was revealed that not even her friends knew about the relationship.

6. Jang Seo Hee

The veteran actress Jang Seo Hee also enjoys dating without anyone finding out. On KBS’s Yeo Yoo Man Man, Jang Seo Hee confessed that she enjoyed dating in secret. She also revealed that she wanted to meet a man who could respect her life as an actress and help out with housework.