Here Are The Top 5 Tips To Pick The Right Bathing Suit For You, According To A Korean Stylist

Tip #4 makes the biggest difference.

Korean stylist Jeong Seol offered a few tips with Allure Korea to help viewers learn which trendy bikini looks are right for them. As long as you keep these 5 pieces of advice in mind when shopping for a swimsuit, you can become the most confident version of yourself and rock the cutest bikini this summer!

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1. Retro

The retro trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, according to Jeong Seol. There’s a lot of low leg swimsuits being worn by celebrities.

Though this primarily applies to one-piece bathing suits, the same look can be achieved with a bikini as shown by BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

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2. Patterns

Lately, there are many unique patterns on swimsuits from geometric designs to bold pictures.

Patterns can be used to your advantage and make you feel more confident about certain parts of your body. For example, vertical lines create an elongating effect and shrink your waist.

Swimsuits with a good color scheme or pattern can help make your body seem more fit.

— Jeong Seol

3. Versatility

A simple, retro-style one piece can easily be dressed up with many different accessories. Experiment with hats, glasses, wraps, and more.

Using a thick belt like former T-ARA member Hyomin can also be a flattering and fashionable way to accessorize when you’re lounging poolside.

4. Intricate Details

Pay attention to the cuts and small details of various bathing suits to achieve the look you’re going for. Sleeved and off-the-shoulder bathing suits are a trendy look.

When purchasing bottoms, pay close attention to what type you’re buying. Especially during online shopping, it can be easy to accidentally buy something that looked completely different on the model.

5. One Piece

Lastly, the one-piece bathing suit itself comes in various forms. From all the styles, cuts, and patterns, everyone can find a one-piece swimsuit that makes them feel confident like this gorgeous white one MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is wearing.

It’s especially good for people who may feel self-conscious to wear a bikini.

It can be more comfortable than bikinis since there’s less exposure of skin.

— Jeong Seol

Listen to all of her advice for picking the perfect swimsuit for yourself below!