Korean Teens Confess Secrets They Can Never Tell Their Parents

They shared their deepest, darkest secrets anonymously.

1. I’m not supposed to wear makeup but I secretly put on makeup in the school bathroom. I also buy makeup in secret.


2. I have reached a master-level knowledge of all things sexual.


3. The thing I can’t say the most is this…I’m having such a hard time right now.


4. At home I am cold and distant, but at school I have a lot of aegyo and attachment. It’s hard to fix now kkkkk I feel a bit bad.


5. I can’t say “I love you” to my parents. I really can’t do things that make me squirm.


6. I watch a lot of BL (boys’ love). My mom thinks I’m watching Atashin’chi all night.


7. I have a lot of dirty thoughts and I think everyone is interested in me.


8. I want to drop out of school.


9. I know my dad is having an affair.


10. I have feelings for someone of the same sex.


11. Last year I was beaten all year round by a group of boys at school. Teachers told me I should report this, but if I did, they would find out that my mother was raising me alone.


12. Dad, I’m a lesbian. You asked who was saved as “princess” in my phone book, and I told you that it was just a friend. That’s actually my girlfriend.


13. I don’t want to live for a long time.


14. I have to hide the fact that I’m the 11th best student in the entire school because my family is too poor to send me to college.


15. Mom, I don’t even have 1 friend.

Source: Pann
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