Here’s How 10 Female Idols Would Look With Korean Vs. Western Style Eyebrows

#5 has the most dramatic change.

Recently, a K-netizen posted their edits of female idols with straight vs. arched eyebrows. Straight eyebrows are a popular trend in South Korea, but how do these ladies look with softer, curved eyebrows that are popular in the west? Check out the before and after photos and decide for yourself which style you prefer!

1. Taeyeon (Girls Generation)

Taeyeon looks stunning in both styles.

However, a curved eyebrow gives her a softer appearance and even makes her look slightly more confident.

2. IU

IU has thin soft eyebrows that are suited for any style.

Her typical look on the left gives her an adorable puppy dog eye appearance.

3. Solar (MAMAMOO)

By extending the tail of her eyebrow, Solar can easily create any shape.

It all comes down to personal preference!

4. Tzuyu (TWICE)

With a slight angle to her eyebrows, Tzuyu takes on a whole new look.

Her expression on the right feels slightly more seductive simply by arching her brows.

5. Heize

Heize typically goes for a stick straight appearance on her eyebrows.

She has the most dramatic change with some added curvature.

6. Krystal Jung

Krystal also has low brows that are even more pronounced by her straight makeup.

It changes her face significantly, but both styles are gorgeous.

7. Kwon Yuri (Girls Generation)

The change in Yuri’s brows is very subtle, but can make a big difference.

Take a look at how her expression changed between the pictures!

8. Hyoyeon (Girls Generation)

Hyoyeon looks stunning with arched eyebrows.

With a stark difference between her hair and eyebrow color, a curved shape gives her a softer look.

9. Seohyun (Girls Generation)

Seohyun shows how a slight change in eyebrow shape can shift your whole vibe.

If she wants an innocent look, straight brows are the way to go…but if she would rather have a sexy look, arched eyebrows do the trick!

10. Jun Hyoseong

Jun Hyoseong typically has bold, straight brows, as well.

She can pull off either style and make it her own!

Source: TheQoo