20 Of The Strangest And Most Disappointing K-Pop Album Covers, According To Fans

A lot of these scream “graphic design is my passion”.

Yesterday, we took a look at several K-Pop album covers and designs that fans think are some of the most beautiful and creative in the industry. Of course, just as there are wonderful pieces of art created for these albums, there are others that just didn’t quite hit the mark, or just seem a bit… Questionable. Here are 20 K-Pop album covers that fans on Reddit think just aren’t quite up to par (which is, of course, subjective!).

1. New Kids: Begin by iKON

Fans wonder if this is an album cover, or someone trying out every single font they downloaded for their graphics program?

2. We Can Fly by SS501

There are several designs on here that scream “graphic design is my passion”… But this one might take the cake.

3. The Dream Chapter: Magic by TXT

Some fans were pretty disappointed in the simple and subjectively clunky design created for TXT’s debut album!

4. In The Name Of Love by CL

There’s no doubting that CL is incredibly talented, but this choice in album cover is just a bit choppy.

5. Mr. Simple by Super Junior

With everything that’s going on in this cover, you might not even notice the strange multi-colored lines of credits right in the middle!

6. Holiday Night by Girls’ Generation

The font and colors used on this cover is nice, but the somewhat awkward cut and paste of the members on top is arguably a bit jarring!

7. Dreamlike by THE BOYZ

Between the font and the bright blue glitter background, it might be hard for some people to even tell that this is an album cover!

8. Oh My Girl Japan 2nd Album by OH MY GIRL

While the members look gorgeous, some fans find the flowers pasted over the top of them a little jarring.

9. Anniversary by Topp Dogg

This is arguably one of the most well-known questionable album designs, from the blank expressions of the members to the awkward photoshopping of them all together!

10. I Like You by ARIAZ

This certainly isn’t the worst design on this list, but it’s yet another oddly designed members-pasted-onto-simple-background that can be hard to make look professional!

11. Dream Line by PURPLEBECK

Fans question the font choice for this album, as well as the way the members were edited with the scene around them.

12. Happiness by Red Velvet

Red Velvet has tons of album covers that are praised for their design, but their debut album is a little on the chaotic and overly busy side to some!

13. Laughing Out Loud by GFRIEND

The simplicity of this album cover can be cute to some, but others find it to be awkward and childlike.

14. The Debut Album by PURE

This album had yet another questionable font choice, and paired with the strangely photoshopped members into the scene, some K-Pop fans whole design awkward!

15. Spell by DIA

From the odd stock moon photo of the scene to the inaccurate lighting and choppy design of the members pasted onto it, it’s easy to see why some people are skeptical of this design!

16. DxDxD by SHINee

Many fans find several of SHINee’s Japanese album designs less well-made than their Korean-language ones, but this one is possibly the most frequently mentioned as an example.

17. Musician, Vibe, Passion by Kwan Woo

The design of the words on this album cover make it basically impossible to decipher what the name of the album is!

18. White Forever by MBLAQ

It looks like the designer for this album cover was trying to go for a Christmas-y aesthetic, but the black background paired with bright white outfits and unrealistic flashes just doesn’t quite pull it off!

19. My Story by BEAST

When BEAST was trying to decide whether to promote their name as BEAST or B2ST, they created this design… Which makes their name actually look like BERST.

20. A Letter From Greenland by S.E.S

And finally, this album is yet another example of making it impossible for fans to figure out what the letters on the cover are supposed to say!

Source: Reddit, Reddit and Beyond Hallyu