These Are 10 Albums That Every K-Pop Fan Should Own, According To Netizens

How many do you own?

There are countless incredible albums coming out of the K-Pop industry, and everyone has their own tastes in terms of which groups and albums they like best. However, a recent viral post had fans voting on which albums they think all K-Pop fans should own, and they narrowed it down to their top 10.  Here are the 10 albums that netizens think all K-Pop fans should own, no matter their taste!

1. Seo Taiji and Boys by Seo Taiji and Boys (1992)

2. To Anyone by 2NE1 (2010)

3. Modern Times by IU (2013)

4. Basic by Brown Eyed Girls (2015)

5. 130 Mood : TRBL by DEAN (2016)

6. Young Forever by BTS (2016)

7. 1 of 1 by SHINee (2016)

8. Sunrise by DAY6 (2017)

9. The War by EXO (2017)

10. The Perfect Red Velvet by Red Velvet (2017)

Here’s what some netizens had to say on the post:

It’s my favorite albums

OMG my music tastes are exactly the same. That’s so cool.

Day Six ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

I agree with Brown Eyed Girls being on here.

It’s all there … Hull

There are so many songs from here that I like.