3 K-Pop Announcements That Seemingly Came Out Of Nowhere In 2021

Number 1 shocked lots of Korean netizens!

2021 has been filled with lots of surprising K-Pop announcements. Here are 3 of them.

1. GFRIEND leaving Source Music

It was recently announced that GFRIEND would be leaving their agency, Source Music, after 6 years.


The news was quite unexpected and shocked a lot of people, especially Korean netizens. Most K-Pop groups have 7-year contracts with their agencies after debuting, but GFRIEND appeared to have atypical 6-year contracts.

After leaving Source Music, all the GFRIEND members shared heartfelt letters to BUDDYs (GFRIEND’s fandom).

2. Sihyeon becoming EVERGLOW’s leader

EVERGLOW debuted in 2019, and E:U was appointed as the leader. FOREVERs (EVERGLOW’s fandom) have gotten to see E:U take care of the members and lead them to success.


Recently, it was announced that Sihyeon would become the new leader of EVERGLOW. E:U stated in an online press conference, “It wasn’t hard while being the leader.” She also shared that Sihyeon will do an amazing job as the leader.

I think that Sihyeon will play the role of leader well after me. As the oldest member, I will continue to stay by her side and support her as the new leader.

— E:U

EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon

Sihyeon assured fans and said, “I will take responsibility and work hard in order to better harmonize with the members.”

3. Ye Ah and Sunn leaving Cignature

Cignature debuted in 2020 with their first single, “NUN NU NAN NA.” J9 Entertainment, Cignature’s agency, announced in 2021 that Ye Ah and Sunn would be leaving the group.

While making comeback preparations for March, Ye Ah and Sunn revealed that they did not want to be a part of the group anymore. We have come to an agreement with the members and their parents and have decided to terminate their contracts without any conditions.

— J9 Entertainment

The agency continued by apologizing to fans for the sudden news.

We apologize for bringing unfortunate news to fans that have been waiting for their comeback. We will work hard to bring new music and stages to fans. We apologize for bringing this sudden news to everyone.

— J9 Entertainment

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