10 K-Pop Artists Who Took Inspiration From Time And Added Clock Moves To Their Choreography

These artists have physically embodied time through their choreography:

Themes and concepts for K-Pop choreographies can come from some of the most interesting sources including time itself! And recently Korean netizens have been discussing artists who have presented us all with some iconic “clock” choreography over on web portals like The Qoo and Instiz.

While there are many artists who have incorporated a little bit of time into their own choreography, here are a just few that have captured everyone’s attention and hearts with their perfectly timed (pun intended) clock choreography.

1. IU

IU’s “YOU&I” is an incredibly iconic song and the choreography for “YOU&I” is just as legendary. In particular, the clock moves are an absolute favorite among fans.

Unsurprisingly, IU’s classic (and adorable) moves have inspired many other performers to try out the moves themselves!


Since “love is timing” in TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”, it’s no surprise that the powerhouse group added some clockwork to their choreography!

While there are a lot of memorable moves in “Heart Shaker”, these perfectly timed moves have certainly captured a lot of hearts.


SEVENTEEN’s performance team has crushed every single concept and dance style they’ve ever had. Among their most iconic performances is “Lilili Yabbay”. Everything about the song and choreography has left fans feeling more than a little breathless.

While there are plenty of wow-worthy moves featured in their performance, their “clock” always leaves everyone who sees it feeling amazed.

4. Girls’ Generation

Although more subtle than some of the other clock-like choreographies on the list, the time-inspired moves in Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” have captured the attention and hearts of new and old K-Pop fans alike.

That’s the queens of K-Pop for you!

5. TXT

TXT not only “turn back time, rewind” in their “Run Away” performances, they also make everyone else rewind the video and watch the magic all over again!

If you find TXT’s clock choreography more than a little addicting, you’re definitely not the only one!

6. Lovelyz

Lovelyz “Triangle” is honestly such a heartbreaking song. Anyone who has ever fallen for the same person as your best friend definitely knows the particular pain Lovelyz expresses.

But all pain will lessen through the passage of time which is why Lovelyz clock choreography fits so well as they perfectly embody that concept through their moves!

7. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl have actually have incorporated time into several of their choreographies over the years including their moves for “Remember Me.”

The smooth and fast-paced hands of Oh My Girl’s “Remember Me” clock have (just as quickly) stolen everyone’s heart.


ITZY perform all sorts of cool moves in “Dalla Dalla” and while their ending “crown” is definitely an absolute favorite especially as it’s made a reappearance in all of their comebacks…

Their staggered “clock” arm movements have become another fan favorite. The move has captured a lot of attention because of how amazing it looks!


When many K-Pop fans think of clock choreography, VIXX’s “Eternity” will immediately come to mind.

And it’s really no surprise why. Like IU’s “YOU&I”, “Eternity” is an iconic song with iconic choreography which features plenty of time references.

10. GOT7

GOT7 took a completely different take on time with their clock choreography in “You Calling My Name”. While many groups have used their arms as the arms of a clock, GOT7 used their entire bodies to embody the clock.

The effect is a stunning clock that leaves a big impact on all who see it.

Source: The Qoo and Instiz