17 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Jongho Is An Incredible Maknae Of The Fourth Generation… And K-Pop As A Whole

Though he may be the youngest in the group, his talent is already phenomenal.

Jongho, at just 20 years old, is the youngest member of ATEEZ and also their main vocalist. It only takes a brief listen to his vocals to find out why — his voice is incredibly powerful and stable, which becomes even more shocking when you learn that he’s said that he hasn’t even had vocal training!

Along with being a talented singer and performer, there are many other reasons why Jongho is an incredibly promising idol (and all-around wonderful person!) in the K-Pop industry whose career has still only just begun. Here are 17 pieces of evidence to prove as much.

1. He loves ATINYs so much.

2. Even though he has masculine charms, he also isn’t afraid of some aegyo.

3. He’s ridiculously strong!

4. Even though vocals are his main focus, he’s an amazing dancer as well.

5. He’s such a great hair stylist that he does the other members’ hair sometimes!

6. His recent ending fairy moment went viral for good reason — it shows both his strength and his cuteness!

7. Unofficial visual, anyone?

8. His on-stage charisma is undeniable.

9. Seriously, the power!!

10. His smile is too precious for this world.

11. Even professionals recognize there’s something special about his voice.

12. His range is indescribably beautiful.

13. He’s an idol full of random, impressive, and funny talents.

14. It’s easy for him to make the other members laugh.

15. Even though he’s strong and mature, his cute maknae charms still show.

16. Duality king!

17. The way he wants to be strong for his hyungs in ATEEZ is absolutely heart-warming.

It’s exciting to see where Jongho’s many wonderful traits and talents will take him!