These Were The 10 BEST K-Pop B-Side Tracks Of 2021, According To Genius Korea

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Genius Korea is a public forum that allows people to discuss anything regarding Korean culture, music, dramas, and the like. K-Pop is, of course, a popular topic on the forum, and recently the community on Genius Korea compiled a list of what they believe to be the best K-Pop B-side tracks of 2021! Here are the top 10 of that list.

10. “Runaway” by EXO

“Runaway” is the fourth track on EXO’s long-awaited album that was released on June 7, Don’t Fight The Feeling! The album is their third best-selling to date, and “Runaway” got special attention as a fantastic B-side on it.

Each member flexes their beautiful vocal talents on the song, making each segment of the song unique including the chorus. It is a delight for listeners as members harmonize with each other during vocal adlibs and runs.

— Genius Korea

9. “Daydream” by B.I (ft. Lee Hi)

B.I debuted as a soloist in 2021, and his start in the K-Pop industry as a solo artist has been very successful! “Daydream” is the third song on his debut studio album, Waterfall, which was released on June 1.

Best friends Lee Hi and B.I have released a slew of successful collaborations and “Daydream” is no less. While Lee Hi only appears in the song’s chorus she provides much-needed support to B.I’s emotional verses.

— Genius Korea

8. “The Realist” by ONF

ONF has had an extremely busy year, releasing a mini-album, their first full-length studio album, their first reissued album, and with another mini-album on the way! “The Realist” is the fifth track off of their studio album, ONF: My Name, and they performed the B-side tracks on various music shows.

The hazy atmosphere created by the song parallels its lyrics that describe the internal conflict of a realist who has dreams that are deemed unachievable by others… The subtle intensity throughout the track falls over a listener like a heavy dream.

— Genius Korea

7. “Baby Blue Love” by TWICE

“Baby Blue Love” was written by member Nayeon herself, adding a welcome element of personal emotion to the song! It’s the fifth song on their Taste of Love album that came out on June 11, and was specially chosen specifically from the other fantastic B-side tracks on this album by Genius Korea as one of the best of the year.

With its sparkling synths and bass paired with dynamic drumming, the song is a compulsive 80s treat that will bring its listeners onto the dancefloor.

— Genius Korea

6. “Fever” by ENHYPEN

“Fever” was one of those B-side tracks that ends up going more viral and being more popular than the title track of the same album! The third track on ENHYPEN’s April 26 release Border: Carnival, “Fever” even made it onto the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart two different weeks, with a peak at #18! It even has over 15 million more streams on Spotify than the title track, “Drunk-Dazed”.

“Fever” is a bold choice for a rookie group, as the song has all the elements of a sensual R&B jam usually tackled by older groups in K-Pop. Paired with the members’ breathy vocals, the track’s instrumentals lure the listeners into their coven.

— Genius Korea


SEVENTEEN is known for their experimental musical style, and “GAM3 BO1” is certainly unique in its glitchy, retro style! It’s the fourth song on their June 18 release, Your Choice, and performed (and co-written!) by the hip hop unit which consists of S.CoupsWonwooMingyu, and Vernon.

With glitchy sound effects and distorted vocals of the members, the track has one of the most colorful productions of 2021. Co-written by the hip-hop team alongside Woozi, “GAM3 BO1” is a track for all ages.

— Genius Korea

4. “Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes” by Akdong Musician (ft. Lee Sunhee)

The brother-sister duo that is Akdong Musician never fails to disappoint with their music, and this first track off of their July 26 release, Next Episode, is no exception. Though they may be one of the lesser-known YG Entertainment artists on an international level, their popularity and success within South Korea is well-deserved!

The lyrics subtly talk about how our childhoods are in a way plagued by the burden of expectations and endless competition. The 80s inspired indie-rock arrangement and the smooth vocals of the singers including the 80s diva Lee Sunhee, make the song feel upbeat yet unsettling at the same time.

— Genius Korea

3. “End of the World” by Epik High (ft. G.Soul)

2021 saw the highly anticipated comeback after a nearly two-year break from Epik High, releasing the first part of their Epik High Is Here  album on January 18. “End of the World” is the ninth song on the album, and is definitely a B-side track that you won’t want to miss!

The song tackles faith and how our faith is shaken in the face of constant depressing news. And while the song might seem like it is situated in the 2020 pandemic, the track has a very timeless message.

— Genius Korea

2. “Anti-Romantic” by TXT

TXT had a strong presence in 2021, with both their title tracks from their The Chaos Chapter series and accompanying B-sides earning a lot of well-deserved praise. “Anti-Romantic”, the first song on their May 31 release The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, peaked impressively high on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart at #8, and spent a total of seven weeks on the chart — far longer than B-sides usually last!

While sonically it’s a much slower track with members showcasing their stripped-down vocals, lyrically the song fits into the album’s overall darker tone quite well. It is in fact quite possibly the darkest song on the album with lyrics talking about giving up hope and losing all faith in love.

— Genius Korea

1. “Take Me Home” by ATEEZ

And finally, ATEEZ has been having a fantastic year in 2021, releasing their best-selling albums so far and collaborating with huge names such as Kim Jong Kook and Pentatonix. “Take Me Home”, off of their March 1 album ZERO: FEVER Part.2, has been argued by some fans to be the best song on the album, and certainly could have easily been the title track (though “Fireworks (I’m The One) is still fantastic as well!). They even recorded both an English and Korean version of the song, and it peaked at #16 on the World Digital Song Sales chart! ATEEZ continues to bless us with their unique, experimental, and artistic style of music.

A masterpiece is the best way to describe what ATEEZ and their team of producers created with “Take Me Home.” Playing with the city-pop sound and mixing it with ATEEZ’s signature anthemic style, “Take Me Home” is a synth-pop song… Each segment of the song shines brightly, from the addictive chorus to the hard-hitting rap verses that group’s rappers have come to be known for to finally concluding on a high with a saxophone solo.

— Genius Korea

Source: Genius Korea