7 K-Pop Basics You Should Probably Know By Now

What every fan should know.

If you’ve been into K-Pop for any amount of time you’ll realize that there is a whole culture that is unique to the world of K-Pop. Newer fans may not know everything there is to know about K-Pop quite yet, so here are some basics things every K-Pop fan should understand just in case you need a little help.


1. K-Pop isn’t just “Gangnam Style” and explaining that to outsiders can be super hard

We know every single fan, whether new or old, knows that K-Pop doesn’t just mean “Gangnam Style” but if you ever tell anyone that you listen to K-Pop then there’s a very high chance that someone will mention this song.


So how do you explain to someone that you aren’t listening to “Gangnam Style” all the time? Try showing them a different artists music or just let them think whatever they want because you know that K-Pop is “Gangnam Style” and every other K-Pop song is pure bliss.


2. Don’t be shy with your love for K-Pop

Sometimes it may seem like there is nobody else in the world who could be into K-Pop as much as you are but there are! Instead of hiding your love for the music or for your favorite groups try to find other people who love them as much as you do.


Whether this is on online forums or a local meetup, you’re bound to find someone who you can be a total fangirl or fanboy around. And don’t worry the K-Pop community is a very welcoming place!


3. Fan wars do happen

Perhaps the one thing that’s been holding you back from engaging other fans online is the thought of fan wars. One piece of information can be interpreted differently by another fandom and end up blowing up online and that can be super crazy! The thing is though, they happen. It’s just a part of K-Pop and nothing says that you have to take part in them.


4. Patience is key

As fans, sometimes we are blessed with a pretty consistent comeback schedule and then other times it seems like there is a huge drought in any type of content from our favorite group. Of course, there are other times that a release or concert gets pushed back which can be incredibly frustrating. But as long as you remember that it will totally be worth the wait, everything will be a-ok!


5. You’re going to want to save money for things like tickets

Every fan knows that one of the biggest struggles of being a fan is that your wallet seems to always be empty since we’re constantly being blessed with different types of merch and if you’re lucky a concert or two!


To prevent yourself from chronic empty wallet syndrome, try to hold out as long as possible for something super special like a ticket to go see BTS on tour!


6. Respect all fandoms

Everyone’s got different musical tastes and every fan will, of course, think their idols are the best ever but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all get along! Yes, fan wars do happen but we all try to respect each other fandoms as much as possible too. Think about it this way, if idols from different groups can get along together so well why can’t we do the same too?


7. K-Pop vocabulary

There are a lot of words that are pretty unique to K-Pop or words that mean something completely different to a fan than they would an average person. So if you know what the words bias, bias wrecker, aegyo, skinship, maknae, and all-kill mean you’re definitely in the know. But if you still need a little more help check out this guide:

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